The Green Revolution:

"At long last, the impulse to Go GREEN is spreading faster than a morning glory. Organizations of all types are launching green campaigns from the city of London's Congestion Charge on automobiles, to Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s push to sell organic foods, to the University of Texas's construction of LEED green buildings. Consumers too are getting behind the idea of being greener. In almost every opinion poll, consumers say that they are very concerned about climate change. They worry about rising seas, declining air quality, shrinking animal habitats, lengthening droughts, and newly brewing diseases. And they connect the dots back to their own purchases, finds a 2007 McKinsey & Company global survey of 7,751 consumers in eight major economies. Our results show that a full 87 percent of these consumers are concerned about the environmental and social impacts of the products they buy." Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2008 issue "Cultivating the Green Consumer"

It just makes sense to Go GREEN and do everything we can to protect our environment. We try to take care of our health, we maintain our automobiles, our houses, and the things we own. Most of us spend more time in our own home than anywhere else. Eliminating synthetic chemical pesticides from our homes and keeping the air pure is very important. The Eco Green SM Exterminator Pest Management Protocol was designed with your family's health in mind. This Protocol utilizes safe and non-toxic products to eliminate pests in and around your home, office, or favorite outdoor spot. It's time for each of us to do everything we can to lessen the environmental impact that we are having on our ecosystem.

The Eco Green SM Exterminator Corporate Office is dedicated to doing our part to help the environment. We conserve energy in a variety of ways. We utilize an advanced virtual office system that allows many of our associates to work from their home office a minimum of 3 days out of each week. These actions are helping to conserve our precious natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce traffic congestion.

Our Eco Green SM Exterminator Pest Management Protocol is also helping to conserve our natural resources and lessen the environmental impact of Pest Management.

  1. Our Licensed Technicians offer safe and non-toxic bio-degradable organic products to eliminate pests while keeping the environment in and around your home safe for your family and pets.

  2. Our Licensed Technicians will treat your home or office immediately after the initial inspection, if you wish, thereby saving you time so you don't have to meet them again. This saves the fuel it takes to come back an additional time, thereby helping to reduce our carbon footprint and traffic congestion. Last but not least, it saves you money.

  3. Our Licensed Technicians will help you learn about Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM is a major step in the process of Going GREEN.  IPM saves you time, money, aggravation and reduces pesticide exposure.  IPM will help you eliminate the avenues that pests find to get into your home and will teach you how to eliminate the things that attract the pests. As we help you eliminate the risk factors that are creating your pest management issues you will need less follow-up treatments, save money, aggravation, and help to protect the environment.

Please click the following link and watch this short (7 min.) video which will explain how Integrated Pest Management protects you. What is Integrated Pest Management?

The Eco Green SM Exterminator Corporate Office and associates are striving to Go GREEN. We are encouraging our suppliers and our Eco Green SM Exterminator Licensed Service Providers to actively pursue all "Green" options. Eco Green SM Exterminator is Leading the Green Revolution in Pest Control, making your health and safety and the preservation of our ecosystem our top priorities. Eco Green SM Exterminator is pleased to offer The "reduced environmental impact" Eco Green SM Exterminator Pest Management Protocol.

If you haven't experienced the Eco Green SM Exterminator Pest Management Protocol difference, give us a chance to introduce you to the future of intelligent, cost effective and environmentally friendly pest management services. You don't have to pay more to join the GREEN REVOLUTION. Our services cost no more than conventional pest management services and achieve better results. We believe you'll be impressed when you see first hand how well our safe and non-toxic products perform.

Please enter your zip code below to find your local Eco Green SM Exterminator Licensed Service Provider and give them a call today. Do it for the health of your family, pets, and our ecosystem. We believe you'll be glad you did.

"More than Two-thirds of Americans Buy Green Products and Services" Environmental Leader, June 5, 2012(Harris Interactive conducted survey of 2199 US adults)

Join the GREEN REVOLUTION today!

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